Winter Track

From January 11 through March 15, 2018, we run indoor track workouts on Thursdays at the University of Guelph Field House. These are speed work intervals, from 7–8 pm.


What is speed work? These are short intervals (from 200–1000 metres) run at faster than 5K race pace, with recovery periods in between. They are meant to stress your VO2 system, that is your top-end speed. They are not all-out sprints, but they are fast, 80–90 per cent of your top speed. Improving your VO2 max, even a little bit, will make you faster at all distances.

As well, we’ll mix in some longer intervals, closer to tempo pace, or perhaps at 5K or 10K pace (a little faster than tempo), distances of 1–2 kilometres. These build your confidence at holding a stressful pace for 5–10 minutes. In between efforts, you’ll get a full recovery.

If you come:

  • bring dry shoes to change into for the workout, a lighter shoe (7–10 ounces) is ideal
  • wear light clothes – shorts and a t-shirt or singlet
  • no food or drinks on the track, but water is okay
  • arrive 10 minutes early to run some warmup laps and do some stretching before the workout begins – we try to begin at 7 pm sharp
  • cost for the 10-week winter session (Jan. 11 to March 15) is $50 (adults), $35 (post-secondary students), plus ~$5 processing fee